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  • hi and thanks for replies. It's very much appreciated as I'm new on forum. Good news is I now have a mk4 2.2 TXS estate with working DAB . I removed everything and opened DAB unit and examined , then checked every wire and connection 1 by 1.

    Found 1 wire had internal break in wire. Replaced that and reinstalled in hope lol.

    Bingo we have DAB active, not best reception using original aerial with brand new ford mast and dab amped splitter. So new DAB antenna on order which should sort issue. That means MCA fully working in my lovely 2.2 TXS estate pre face-lift. Nav, Dab, Reverse camera , BT audio, maps etc, Aux so happy camper. Only thing is DAB doesn't shown my Converse plus clocks, not life or death lol but will get there .

    So once again thanks especially to the gent that pointed out DAB does not need to be activated in config, unlike tutorials lol.

    Thanks Bren.